1. Using ox-hugo without duplicating content in the repository

    The Org mode unicorn logo, by Greg Newman.

    My new blogging setup mashes up Org mode with Hugo using the ox-hugo library. This is part of my attempt to bring more of my work product into the single format of Org mode. Hugo has rudimentary support for Org mode through go-org, but it admittedly only tries to cover the 80/20 use case of Org mode. Since I intend to use Org mode for everything, the chances are high that I will end up with something incompatible, thus requiring me to work around the problem. I didn’t want to do that, so I stuck with the Hugo export library.

Hi, I'm Michael Herold. I am a husband, father of two, and a staff engineer at Shopify working on the Shop Search team.

I'm a Rubyist by trade and maintain Hashie and KSUID for Ruby. I am working to better the IndieWeb experience in Ruby, in particular for the Bridgetown static site generator, which I use to host this website.