1. Provisioning a Valheim server with Terraform

    The Valheim logo.

    My friends and I decided we were going to give Valheim, an early-access survival game, a try. Since many of us are parents now and we’re in a socially distancing world, colocating for an evening of fun was out of the question. I decided to use the event as an excuse to practice my DevOps skills.

    I use Terraform at work for a variety of things, but I don’t write enough of it to be completely comfortable. As such, I decided to use Terraform to provision a dedicated server for us. This article documents how I went about it using DigitalOcean and Terraform.

  2. Off-site backups using Duplicacy and Wasabi

    A hand holding a cut-out of a cloud up to a cloud in the sky, symbolizing off-site backups.

    I recently had my first ever hard drive failure and have since been looking into off-site backups. There are many choices to look through for off-site backups: what software should I use? What storage provider? This post describes how I set up Duplicacy and Wasabi as my off-site backups solution. Duplicacy is a backup tool written in Go. It supports many back ends including Wasabi, a fast, S3-compatible cloud storage provider. Wasabi offers great pricing that allows you to easily calculate how much it will cost to back up your data. However, combining the two isn’t very clear due to lacking documentation. You’ll leave this post with an understanding of how to set up an off-site backups repository using these two tools.